Monday, October 10, 2011

Pole Dancing and Morals

Recently, I have placed the invitation to a pole dancing lesson in Sugar Dance Studio (for more info about classes and schedule go to on the group site which members (mainly women) planned to gather for joint development of new kinds of activity and entertainment. To my astonishment, one participant of the group has reacted, literally: "It's lame, Stay social, not whore-y."
  I was amazed that despite wide popularity of pole dancing all over the world, many people still associate  this kind of dance with obscenity and talk sharply about it.
  Let's begin with the fact that pole dancing is seriously considered as a candidate for the Olympic sport. And it is not surprising: because of its technical complexity, pole dancing at times is comparable to acrobatic gymnastics. Professional pole dancers are real athletes, and definitely not trite schoolgirls on silicone platforms. Those who only start learning pole dancing, immediately notice how demanding it is and how quickly it tones their muscles. Girls visibly improve their bodies in within a short period of time!
  Concerning indissoluble link  of pole dancing with striptease, we should look truth in eyes: how often do women  openly criticize dancers and secretly fear that their men would desire one of them? Perhaps it makes sense to learn from representatives of such industry if men of all age, nationalities, and religions from year to year, day by day make it their ritual to visit strip clubs?
At this moment, many (like my from the above mentioned group of interests) may think:"And what if my moral principles  are above those of a money-hungry stripper in a club?" I will now reveal a secret. Pole dancing classes teach grace, physical strength, and emotional game. Yes, we will train you how to twirl your hips with a speed 40mph. We will show you the mouth-watering moves that make a man nervous. We will tell how to give him that look worth of thousand words. But principles and morals are personal choice of everyone. Pole dancing doesn't instill these principles and, moreover, doesn’t have anything in common with them. Come to any regular night club and observe how some young ladies behave after adult drinks... Couple shots of tequila are enough for them to demonstrate different parts of their bodies (by the way if there is a pole in such club, pole dancing skills of these girls are mostly poor ).
Pole dancing is not a an institute of debauchery and obscenity. Even the sceptics understand it after the first class. Pole dancing teaches to overcome pain, develops endurance, and raises your self-esteem. The latter happens when you feel the constant growth of you physical abilities. In other words, unlike in many aspects of life, hard work always pays off  in pole dancing.

P.S. Stay social not whore-y, AND try a pole dancing class:)
Dancers are the athletes of god (Albert Einstein)

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