Friday, September 23, 2011

5 things to learn from a stripper

Although highly stigmatized, the profession of an exotic dancer does develop some skills that regular women usually lack and should learn.  These skills make a woman more successful in relationships and stronger as an individual.
Below are 5 things worth learning from a stripper.
1. How to walk on heels.
An exotic dancer does not only walk on heels, but dances and performs the pole tricks. You have a much easier task! Learn to wear heels! Having discussed it earlier, I'm not tired of emphasizing what a powerful tool heels are! If used correctly, heels make you look elegant, independent, and sexually appealing.
2. How to perform a lap dance.
Men love it! Ask yourself why the gentleman's club industry prospers. In relationships, being a great foreplay, a lap dance lets your partner see that you can be flirty, freaky, and dirty for him. And this is something they often miss in you. Remind him what kind of gift he got!
3. How not to look needy.
A professional exotic dancer makes a man think that she entertains him because she herself is having a good time. A man spends money easier if there is no dollar sigh in the dancer's eyes.  Regular women often lack this soft power of hiding what they really need. This deficiency prevents them from getting what they want.
4. How to separate work and private life.
An exotic dancer is a sexual fantasy that must be sustained in the club. The people she loves and the things she does in her life will never be revealed at the club. In the contrast, regular women tend to turn a workplace into the forum, where the most intimate issues are discussed. That often creates unnecessary rumors and distractions.
5. How to move on.   
If a dancer doesn't convince a man to get a dance from her, she moves on to another man. However, regular women often tend to give things second chance, even if they don't receive any feedback. And we are not talking about the immediate gratification. But if you don't feel that you move into a right direction, start exploring other options.
Now it is time for you to start implementing these tips in your life and see how they help.

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