Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flexibility Training classes

Flexibility Training Classes-
Your Split is FINALLY Possible!

Sugar Dance Studio is pleased to announce the opening of the long awaited Flexibility Training Classes. During a 60-minute class you will effectively stretch the muscles of your back, stomach, arms, and legs. The set of challenging but effective moves and poses assembled from the stretching routines of gymnasts and martial art fighters is designed to benefit you no matter what level of flexibility you currently have. It will soon let you expand your bodily abilities and go beyond the physical boundaries you thought you had.

Why Flexibility Classes are Good for You:

- Improve your body control for sexier, smoother, and more graceful moves;

- Make your muscles elastic, toned, and resistant to injuries;

- Facilitate your blood circulation for healthier, toxin-free, and younger skin;

- Burn a ton of calories.

The flexibility class at Sugar Dance Studio is one hour of self-discovery and self-improvement. With the lights dimmed, you are really focused on yourself and your own pursuit of perfection. Slow paced and meditation-like atmosphere allows your mind to isolate the groups of muscles and understand their unique behavior. You will be pleased to witness your own progress and body improvement as you make stretching a part of your regular routine. And, as usual, from Sugar Dance Studio you can expect encouragement, support, and acceptance of you for who you are.

How Much?

We want to make the class as affordable as possible. So one hour of flexibility class costs $12 with the yoga mat included in the price.

Does it go any cheaper?

Yes! It costs just $10 if You take pole dancing class the same day.

What to wear?

Wear something that does not constrain your movements; ideally, yoga pants, leggings or shorts with a top.

Still in doubts?

You might have some excuse in your head such as:
-“I am not young anymore to be flexible,”
-“My muscles can not stretch and I can not tolerate pain,”
-“I will look clumsy and stupid,”
-“I have no time,”
-“I can always stretch at home when I want.”

Before letting these or similar excuses stop you from taking a flexibility class, think WHAT IS THE PRICE OF better, stronger, healthier, and happier You? What is the price of you finally having that perfect body? What is the price of someone saying “Wow! You are so flexible!”? What is the price of you seeing yourself in the mirror and being satisfied? Will you let the fear of pain or fear of other people stop you?

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