Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Benefits of Pole Dancing

 The Benefits of Pole Dancing by  http://sugardancestudiony.com

-For Your Body
Pole Dancing is one of the few exercises combining cardiovascular activity and power training.
The former makes you burn undesirable fat; the latter stimulates the development of your
bodily strength and resilience. The result is the firmer body already after the first class.
-For Your Mind
Pole Dancing stimulates the release of the happiness and relaxation hormones, such as
serotonin, dopamine, and endorphine. They, in turn, help you fighting stress, a major reason of
bad skin, irregular digestion, faster aging, and low energy.
-For Your Signifficant Other
Pole Dancing is not only a technique, but also the realization of sensual fantasies, which with the
little help of your imagination can add a lot of fun to your relationships. When you discover how
sexy you really are, you partner will not take long to notice it, too.
-For Your Surrounders
Pole Dancing transforms you into a more energized and attractive person. Your radiating
optimism, increased stamina, and confident posture make you stand out, leaving others puzzling
about the secret of your freshness and health.
-For Your Job
Pole Dancing clears your mind and revitalizes your body, resulting in the increased performance
at work. Confidence acquired from practicing the moves in font of a mirror is applicable to the
communication with you colleagues and customers. You may find that the doors, which were
closed before, open for you now.
-For the Rest of the World
We leave it to your imagination, how many positive changes you can make when you are in a great
shape, stress-free, in love, and progressing in everything you undertake. Our goal is get you to
this state.

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