Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Myth about Pole Dancing

 1. I need to do the perfect split to be good at pole dancing

There are so many spins and poses that don’t require a split at all, and your dance routine will still look stunning and graceful. There are other poses where a split on the pole is just literally a visual trick. You get into a pose at an angle that looks like a perfect split regardless of your flexibility level. Moreover, you will be able to develop and improve flexibility practicing pole dancing.

2. I need the upper body strength to start practicing pole dancing

It’s the same if you say, “I have to have a strong upper body to start going to the gym.” Does not it make sense, right? You come to pole dancing to develop your upper body strength! Remember, you work with your own weight here, and it will take a couple of weeks for you to get comfortable with that. Be consistent and dedicated, and you will see a tremendous progress.

3. I must take an 8-week beginner course before I start to invert

Eight weeks will not make your inversion easier if you never practiced it. Inverting usually takes a few classes to get comfortable with. Why wait?! There are some people capable of inverting in the first class. Maybe it’s you! Why wait eight weeks to try? Start working on your inversion today!

4. Before trying to pole dance with heels on, I have to practice a minimum of half a year barefoot

It is a little harder to pole dance with heels on but once a certain move becomes comfortable to you, it is not a bad idea to try it on heels. The earlier you start, the less of a shocker it will be later.

5. Pole dance is for gymnasts 

Is gym for bodybuilders? Is pool for professional swimmers only? You get the idea: pole dancing is for Everyone! Even though you’ll see a lot of ex-gymnasts and former ballet dancers amongst pole dancing instructors, people who never did any sport achieved a lot with enough consistency and passion.

6. I can’t do pull ups so I won’t be able to do pole dancing

Good news! Once you are able to do pole dancing ( and you will!), you will be able to do pull-ups! Moreover, pole dancing is not just about pulling your body up to the pole. It’s about about spins, transitions, fantasy, sensuality, flirt. Doing all that fun stuff without a great effort, you will notice the positive changes in your strength after just a month.

7. Pole dancing is for strippers

Pole dancing is a trendy and  innovative type of fitness for everybody. From recent moms to grandmothers, from teachers to accountants, women of all backgrounds love pole dancing. Do a simple Google search to see how many celebrities took a pole class and loved it!  Why? Because pole is a fun exercise that delivers noticeable results fast.

8. Pole dancing is for young people

Most pole dancing studios allow practice pole dancing from 18 years old and over. The majority of the crowd ranges from 20s to 50s. However, many places open classes for kids as a gymnastics alternative. Moreover, there was a 70-year-old lady from California all over the news exploring pole dancing techniques. If she can do it, you CAN too.

9. Pole dance is for skinny people

X-pole suggests weight limitation up to 220lb but you will always see the internet videos with people heavier than that, and they rock !!!There are also fun pictures with 5 girls on the pole with the total weight over 600 lbs. So, don’t worry about the pole holding your body, focus on you holding on to the pole! Here is one of the inspiring videos for you  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRThK7xxCXc&feature=fvwrel  (thumbs up for the girl!)

10.  If I take a class, everyone will find out and criticize me 

Pole dancing studios are very strict about privacy of their students if you don’t want people to find out. Generally, no photos or videos of you are allowed or released without your consent. Feel free to ask if you are uncertain.

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