Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don't Dance to Escape Life, Dance So Life Doesn't Escape You.- Yours Truly.

Drops and spins of a B-Boy, graceful lines of a ballerina, swagger of a rapper, isolations and sexuality of a belly dancer, creative expression of tribal events all tied together by the missing strings on his Adidas shoes = StanisLove. And after taking one of his classes I fell in love.
I had just finished two back to back pole dance classes and was going home exhausted. I must admit I was not going to take the Jazz Funk class, with Stanis but as soon as the first beat played and I saw the kicks and turns based on ballet combined with the sharpness of jazz I simply had to. How could I possibly say no after seeing choreography blending the both classic and raw aspects of humanity? He combines all these elements while still remaining true to the lyrics of the song. I entered after a couple of minutes and the euphoria felt during the class still lingers in my cells.
If ever you walk into a glamorous dance studio, walk out. They have spent their money on fluff instead of getting true artists ; teachers who will inspire you while giving you an authentic experience. Sugar Dance Studio thankfully understands this. Like every other teacher there, he doesn't just lead, he stand besides you, takes you by the hand and emphasizes the idea that the only wrong way to move is not to do it at all. Pole dance is perfect for discipline and challenging your body to exceed it's limits. Stanisloves' class allowed me to let go of the pole for a bit and freely use my own body as a prop.
Street Jazz is challenging but the warmth and validation he extended took away any self-doubt , the biggest obstacle to truly learning something new. There are no judgements only patience. At one point after missing a step he looked at me and said, “It's ok you are a superstar.” Indeed for the rest of the class I did feel like a superstar as I'm sure did every woman in there. Best part is he does also. Only if you love what you do, can you share it with such enthusiasm.
He doesn't wear tights and dance on point at Lincoln Center.He doesn't have crowded arenas waiting to cheer him on as he pops and locks.He doesn't battle with the best of them on the streets of the Bronx.(YET)But Baryshnikov, James Brown and Run-Dmc would be proud.
Maria V.

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